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EPL English Premier LeagueTrouble in the Football Transfer of Griezmann for Niguez

Trouble in the Football Transfer of Griezmann for Niguez

Recent transfer news football cited Barcelona and Atletico Madrid amidst a swap deal negotiation for Antoine Griezmann and Saul Niguez. But now, there seems to be trouble in the football transfer of Griezmann for Niquez.

Atletico are not ready to pay Griezmann like Barça, but there will be no compensation from the Catalans for Saul.

So, Saul will have to take a pay cut, but Barca won’t sell Griezmann cheap, which is an unequal deal.

Trouble in the Football Transfer of Griezmann for Niguez

Barcelona and Atlético Madrid are facing difficulties in negotiating the swap of Antoine Griezmann for Saul Niguez.

According to Mundo Deportivo, the main obstacle is the Frenchman’s high wages at Barcelona.

Atletico Madrid are unwilling to match Griezmann’s current Barcelona salary in full on their own.

Upon learning this, Barcelona management told Atletico that they would not compensate Griezmann for any part of his salary.

Barcelona don’t want to repeat the situation with Luis Suárez, who joined Atletico last summer. Back then, he received a part of his contract fee from Barça.

And, as is right, the Catalans do not want to support a direct rival getting their star player this way.

Plus, Barcelona need to reduce their wage bill, so they cannot afford to pay Griezmann part of his current salary.

So, the only way a swap deal between Barcelona and Atletico can happen is if the Madrid club concedes.

No Griezmann-Saul exchange will thus occur if Atletico stick to the terms that they are currently asking for.

What Do the Players Themselves Think?

Antoine Griezmann himself is open to both a return to Atletico and a continuation at Barcelona.

But he wants to know exactly on what terms he’ll move. If they are satisfactory, Antoine will have his chance to play for the Rojiblancos again.

If Griezmann is not satisfied with the terms, however, he’ll remain at Barça and carry out his contract duties professionally.

Meanwhile, Saul Niguez wants to sign a long-term deal with Barcelona.

But the 26-year-old midfielder will also have to take a pay cut to move to and play with Barcelona.

Barça have already informed him that he won’t receive the same salary as he did at Atletico.

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