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EPL English Premier LeagueTransfer News Football – Ramos Talked about Mbappe’s Future

Transfer News Football – Ramos Talked about Mbappe’s Future

Sergio Ramos is relishing the opportunity to play alongside Kylian Mbappe. But believing the France forward must one day join Real Madrid, in transfer news football, Ramos talked about Mbappe’s future.

Sergio Ramos wants Kylian Mbappe to stay at PSG, with whom he’s just signed on a football transfer, for now.

However, Paris Saint-Germain’s new signing also believes the France star should join Real Madrid at some point in his career.

Transfer News Football – Ramos Talked about Mbappe’s Future

Ramos joined PSG earlier this month, signing a two-year contract after leaving Real Madrid, where he was captain.

However, securing Mbappe’s future may still be PSG’s first priority.

Ramos told Spanish media in a video call on whether he would advise the 22-year-old to test himself in the Spanish capital: “Of course. Madrid is one of the best clubs in the world. On a historical level, the best.”

“For me, great players have to go through there,” he said, in reminiscent praise about Real Madrid.

“But now I want him on my team,” he said about Mbappe however. “I want to win and for that I want the best to be by my side.

“Advice on a personal level I could never give. I could tell him something from experience, but I would do it in private. As a PSG player, I would like him to stay. I like to play with the best and Mbappe is one of them.”

Ramos also answered over what he could say to help ensure Mbappe remains at PSG.

And Ramos said, according to AS.com: “I don’t know. When you make the decision to leave or stay, it ends up being very personal.

“In my case, the family, the sports project. I don’t know what Mbappe has in mind. I want him to stay here because he is very young and makes a difference.

“Here is a very good team. My winning spirit is what I can contribute to the group and if that can infect a team-mate, the better.”

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