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EPL English Premier LeagueTop 10 Soccer News Sites in Indonesia

Top 10 Soccer News Sites in Indonesia

With football fans prevalent and on the rise all across the world, football news has also diversified across the globe. 

Indonesia, for instance, has a growing army of soccer fans, who are eager to follow matches, teams, players, and tournaments, week in and week out.

And to meet this demand for football news, there are many budding new soccer sites delivering express updates from Indonesia.

We, here at FootballChase, want to give a huge shout out to the passionate football writers from that part of the world! 

So, here is our compilation of the top 10 soccer news sites in Indonesia. If you’re from Indonesia, or simply want to read niche content from the country, this list is just the thing for you!

However, for readers wanting something more unique, more personal, the following small, albeit up and coming site, will deliver well:

1. Bolakaki

Bolakaki provides you with experts who, prior to a match, carry out a Prediksi Bola (i.e., a football prediction). Match predictions, along with other news like that on transfers, club developments, and the like, are their forte.

2. Kompasbola

Replete with an entire video highlights section, Kompasbola reports comprehensively on soccer news, which they call Berita Bola, in Malay. 

They categorize breaking soccer news based on country-wise demarcations, which means they have entire subsections on football in Indonesia, France, Spain, Germany, etc.

3. Tribunbola

If you need today’s football news, which in Malay translates to Berita Bola Hari Ini, Tribunbola is the perfect site https://tribunbola.id/

Relevant, fresh, and first to your doorstep – Tribunbola prides itself on prompt reporting of football happenings. Structurally, it has the same easy-to-access and engaging layout as Kompasbola.

4. Liputanbola

Head to Liputanbola for any and all Berita Sepak Bola, which in Malay means, simply, football news. The Link is https://liputanbola.id/

Currently obsessed with Euro 2020, as every football fan is, it has dedicated a whole category to it. Readers can thus easily access Euro 2020 news, just as they can survey match highlights, relevant videos, and live scores at a glance.

5. Bolabola

Want to quickly ascertain team news, previews, and predictions of the upcoming matches today? Bolabola, coming through with Prediksi Bola Malam Ini (meaning tonight’s football prediction) can help you out there!

Subcategories of the Spanish, German, Italian, and even Indonesian domestic football leagues make for a methodical browsing experience through the site https://bolabola.id/.

6. TempoBola

As the name referring to time suggests, Tempobola lets soccer fans enjoy the latest football news, or Berita Bola Terbaru in Malay, in a timely fashion.

Again, it is categorized according to the domestic leagues of European countries like England. It also boasts of separate domains like UEFA’S Champions and Europa Leagues or international football (like that from India) which they, like in India, call “Dunia”. The site link is https://tempobola.id/

Samprati Lavana
Samprati Lavanahttps://footballchase.com/
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