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EPL English Premier LeagueThiago Silva hopes to compete until the age of 40

Thiago Silva hopes to compete until the age of 40

Thiago Silva is still considered one of the best defenders in the Prem deep into his thirties. However, after winning multiple trophies across various nations, the centre-back doesn’t sound to be stopping anytime soon.

Silva is currently on international duty with Brazil. The side will compete in friendly fixtures over the next few days as they prepare for the World Cup.

In a recent interview, the Chelsea man revealed his desire to play until the age of 40. He further mentions players being professional nowadays helps the cause.

“It is crucial personally that I compete on this level at this age. However, it is difficult, particularly in the Prem,” Thiago Silva said.

“Once I’m done with training, I will go back home, thinking of ways to prepare myself for tomorrow.

“From the first minute it is highly intense till the finish so you have to be prepared. I am 38 years old but I believe I continue to help my team as much as possible.

“You need to be focused on the field or you will be tired. In my opinion the athletes are more professional nowadays.

“What happens this season and in the World Cup matters. It also depends on a contract extension but yeah, my aim is to play until I’m 40.”

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