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Other StoriesThe Most Lucrative PSL Offers on the Buaksib Fantasy Gaming App

The Most Lucrative PSL Offers on the Buaksib Fantasy Gaming App

The netizens of the country can now enter real-money contests on India’s most thrilling fantasy sporting destination – the Buaksib fantasy gaming platform – at even more economic prices than before! Listed below in this article are some of the most lucrative PSL offers on the Buaksib fantasy gaming app.

Cricket buffs, did you know that PSL – Pakistan Super League is playing out in full swing right now? Pakistan’s domestic top flight for cricket follows, more or less, the same format as our very own IPL – Indian Premier League. And, it is just as exciting too!

Watch our beloved neighbours, for whom the sport of cricket is very beloved as it is to us, and make your PSL dream teams post-haste! Buaksib fantasy gaming encourages users to create several different teams and also allows multi-entry contests – this means that even if your knowledge of Pakistani cricket or Pakistan Super League might be limited, you can still cover your bases by submitting diverse teams and seeing which performs the best.

What better way to earn real-money than by also earning invaluable knowledge of cricket as the sport is played in Pakistan?

The Most Lucrative Offers on the Buaksib Fantasy Gaming App

And now, winning actual cash prizes on Buaksib takes even smaller deposits than before – thanks to the many exclusive offers and promocodes they have introduced…and we will now share with you!

Buaksib fantasy gaming, being big fans of the PSL – Pakistan Super League, have come up with ingenious user codes that promote engagement for the cricket league!

These are the promocodes that depositors who are keen on entering contest pools for PSL T20 fixtures can use and enjoy:

  • BONUS50 – From Rs.50 to Rs-300 user will get 50% Bonus, Promocode
  • REALCASH10 – From Rs.301 to Rs.500 user will get 10% RealCash, Promocode
  • REALCASH20 – From Rs.501 to Rs.1000 user will get 20% Realcash Promocode
  • REALCASH30 – From Rs.1001 to Rs.5000 user will get 30% Realcash Promocode
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