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UEFA ChampionshipSporting vs Eintracht Frankfurt: The hosts surrendered all three points despite holding...

Sporting vs Eintracht Frankfurt: The hosts surrendered all three points despite holding on the home advantage

Sporting vs Eintracht Frankfurt: For the visit of Eintracht Frankfurt, Portugal had made enough preparations. Tens of thousands of German fans frequently travel with their team to away matches in other European nations. However, that support won’t be present in the stadium for the pivotal group game against Sporting Portugal.

A whopping 30,000 Frankfurt supporters attended the quarter final Europa League match against Barcelona last year at the Camp Nou. Barça was outnumbered on their own field, and it came as a huge surprise that so many Germans were able to enter the stadium. Thus, the home team’s advantage was given up.

The Catalans lost, and the anger that followed was intense. They also obtained that in Portugal as a result of Sporting’s precautions against a similar circumstance. Sales of single tickets have been significantly reduced.

Nearly half of the stadium’s seats, which total more than 50,000, will be empty. Out of concern that the Germans would steal the cards from the Portuguese, more than 16 000 cards have already been removed off the market. Sporting is adamant on keeping the home advantage.

Sporting vs Eintracht Frankfurt: The visitors took all points without the presence of away support

That was due to the interests as well. A spot in the round of 16 in the Champions League final was at stake. The winner will undoubtedly advance in the $1 billion ball. Therefore, that combat won’t take place in a fully packed stadium. No German enters the branch, apart from the 2500 adoring supporters.

Despite all of the attempts by the Portuguese outfit to curtail the German advantage, all ended in vain. Despite the hosts heading into halftime with a one goal advantage, the Europa League champions struck twice in the second half of the game. Thus the contest ended 2-1 in Eintracht’s favour. This was enough for them to seal a spot in the knockouts. Sporting, meanwhile, were relegated to the RO32 of the Europa League.

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