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EPL English Premier LeagueSeries A Will Not Allow Players to Protest with Referees’ Decisions

Series A Will Not Allow Players to Protest with Referees’ Decisions

The Protocol for Series A matches during the COVID-19 pandemic is being finalized, including regulations on catering, the media, the location of substitutes in the stands and the prohibition of arbiter protests.

And according to the draft published in the Il Tempo newspaper, players are ordered not to protest with the referee or to leave at any time within 1.5 meters of the official.

Warm-ups should also aim to include social distancing, allowing players to jog and exercise in different parts of the pitch.

Meanwhile, catering can only be achieved by the club’s own chef, although social distancing can be assured on the bench by pushing a few replacements into the stands.

Furthermore, mascots and handshakes are forbidden, and so is the group photograph before the kick-off.

Even the media will be prohibited from entering the arena, first having to fill out a symptom questionnaire and undergo a temperature test.

Although the medical protocol for group training was agreed this week, a more complex version still needs to be set in stone for games to be played on June 13 or 20. It is 36 pages long and covers every imaginable detail.