Privacy Policy

On this page, we will explain to you that we don’t really execute the privacy policy page. follows the regulations to implement cookies and cache. But we don’t store visitor data. Football Chase website doesn’t ask the visitor who came here to do a registration. So, this website doesn’t know about the visitor’s real name, real phone number, real home address, bank account and etc. 

We Don’t Utilize The Privacy Policy

Whoever wants to come and read the latest football news is welcome here. Don’t have to do registration. Don’t have to do payment subscriptions. There is no requirement to tell us your personal details, payment method, or how much money you have. We never ask about this. Just come and enjoy reading.

Third-Party Analytics

We do use some third-party services for web analytics. Such as Google analytics. This third-party service may record some insight details from your browser, or Googling data. But you also understand. Third-party is not owned by, we don’t have your personal details on our website or server.