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EPL English Premier LeagueNo Big Changes in Klopp’s Lifestyle During Lockdown

No Big Changes in Klopp’s Lifestyle During Lockdown

Jurgen Klopp has admitted to MARCA that he did not alter too many aspects of his life during the lockdown.

“I can’t usually go out, stuff like that. I could go to Melwood once a day for eight, nine, 10 hours; it would be the same because at home it is always the same,” he states, adding, “but of course I miss the boys, football, and for everybody else to have their normal life.”

He is more concerned for others: “It’s not important how I feel because I am used to a private lockdown if you like, but I can imagine for other people it is much more difficult and I hope it will change at some point.”

Klopp’s native Germany, however, is rumored to revive the Bundesliga in May, and Liverpool’s boss had a say on the rest of the season.

“We will see, they [Germany] are all very optimistic they will start mid-May. We will see what that means,” he said. “We will see when that starts here.

“We know what we want, and the first thing that we want is that everybody is safe and healthy. In the moment it is possible to start training again, we will do that. We [Liverpool] are all at home, all isolated, we have no cases or stuff like this. If we come together and train in groups of two or five or six or eight, I’m not sure when that will be possible, we have to wait for the government on that. We cannot force that and will not, because we can’t, there’s absolutely nothing for that.”

As for his home life, it has seen little to no change in the lockdown. “We don’t go in restaurants and stuff like this, so we didn’t change too much. So, I don’t miss this part of it.”