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UEFA ChampionshipNapoli 4-2 Ajax: Daley Blind reacts to his error which ended in...

Napoli 4-2 Ajax: Daley Blind reacts to his error which ended in a goal

Napoli 4-2 Ajax: Prior to Napoli’s 4-2, Daley Blind had an “unfortunate moment,” he admitted in front of the RTL 7 camera. The defender was hesitant to mention his own “unfortunate match” in public.

“Unlucky pairing, I don’t know. Unlucky moment, that much is certain,” the defender exclaimed after being startled by Victor Osimhen’s possession of the ball at his foot and witnessing the attacker decide the game’s outcome. “I can already see the surge, I once caught him hesitating in the first half, and I turned open. I wanted to look for the answer now as well. Yes, I do realise that was an honest mistake on my part. You don’t need to inform me of that,” Blind admits.

“We gave it our best go, and we had opportunities. Even though we occasionally acted carelessly, I believe we demonstrated that we improved from the previous week. We intended for football to be the answer.”

Napoli 4-2 Ajax: Blind reacts

The outcome of the game was not particularly favourable to Ajax. “It’s unfortunate that you waste two opportunities in the first half, resulting in two goals,” stated Blind. “In the second half, we get off to a great start, but after that, we allow Napoli to re-enter the game somewhat. They obviously possess a variety of footballing skills. By continuing to fight, we demonstrated that we didn’t give up. Sadly, there were none left.”

Naturally, Blind acknowledged when Napoli led 2-0 early on. “However, it’s admirable that we maintained our composure. We made an effort to return and play from behind. You probably noticed that Napoli was pushed back, giving us a chance to play football, although there weren’t any particularly good possibilities. Though I believe we improved today, it was still insufficient,” Blind added.

Ajax has only three points in their Champions League group after four games. Is Alfred Schreuder’s team just too small to handle the pressure? “It’s obvious that we’ve changed from where we were in the past. There have been numerous changes, yet we cannot remain silent. We must use this as a lesson and improve as a result. As a team, you must remain upright no matter how severe certain strikes are,” he concluded.

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