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Nacional striker Luis Suarez reveals his heartbreak of being forced out of Barcelona

Although Nacional striker Luis Suarez left Barcelona in September 2020, he is still very devastated by his departure. The Catalans’ then-coach Ronald Koeman, who is 35 years old, has left the Uruguayan man quite upset. However, Suarez mentioned he still respects the Dutchman.

The attacker told Marca that he would welcome him as a matter of respect and decency as time went on. “I hope Ronald would have the grandeur he possessed as a player at the club to tell me the truth to my face as to why I had to go, and that I didn’t leave for football or technical reasons,” Uruguayan said.

Suarez departed Barcelona two years ago because Koeman, the coach of the club, no longer included him in his lineup. The Uruguayan was hurt, and the next year, with his new team Atlético, he exacted the ultimate retribution by winning the national championship. After winning the championship, he previously criticised Koeman because the Dutchman and the Catalan club had both received a sneer from him earlier.

Suárez remembers having a nice time at Barcelona despite saying goodbye with difficulty. “Mainly because of the low expectations I had when I arrived considering Lionel Messi and Neymar were present. We proved that three roosters in a henhouse can coexist by performing well. With each member of the team contributing significantly to the success of Barça during those years,” Nacional striker Luis Suarez, stated.

“I’m proud of the career I’ve had there. I performed as expected. I always managed to score more than 25 goals per season. Albeit it was a little less at the conclusion of my time there.”

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