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EPL English Premier LeagueMessi Maintains Contact with Only Three Barcelona Players after Moving

Messi Maintains Contact with Only Three Barcelona Players after Moving

Three former Barcelona teammates are still in contact with Lionel Messi because the Paris Saint-Germain star speaks to no others. By the ex-Barca captain’s own admission, Messi maintains contact with only three Barcelona players after moving to PSG (football transfer).

Joan Laporta turned down La Liga’s CVC offer to sign Lionel Messi on a contract extension this past summer. He sided instead with Real Madrid and the European Super League by rejecting La Liga’s loan for funding Messi’s contract.

After Barcelona decided not to honour their contract agreement, the Argentine superstar moved on to greener pastures during the summer.

Messi thus left to join Paris Saint-Germain, a cash-rich French club, but he still retains ties to Catalonia. After all, he spent roughly 21 years there.

Messi Maintains Contact with Only Three Barcelona Players after Moving

Lionel Messi developed numerous deep relationships with his Barcelona teammates during his two decades at Camp Nou. So, it’s no surprise that he still communicates with a few of them, we’re only shocked it’s not more ex-teammates.

Asked who he still keeps in touch with, Messi told Sport: “Yes, I speak with Kun Aguero, who wasn’t a teammate at Barça but is a close friend. With Busquets and with Jordi Alba as well.”

Messi did not have the opportunity to play alongside international teammate Sergio Aguero at club level. This was due to the former Manchester City star’s late arrival, and Messi’s subsequent departure soon after (football transfer news).

Despite all this, the two Argentine footballing greats remain excellent friends. And so are Barcelona’s Alba and Busquets, who were there for Messi during his transfer ordeal, still close to him.

“Those that I expected to support me did so,” added the now PSG star. “I took them all by surprise, like me. They were by my side supporting me the whole time.”

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