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EPL English Premier LeagueMessi Calls for Unity in the Barcelona Team

Messi Calls for Unity in the Barcelona Team

Lionel Messi called for unity in the very team he was trying to exit before the season.

“We must unite all the people of Barcelona and believe that the best is yet to come,” said Messi in an interview with Barcelona newspaper Sport.

Messi alluded to his effort to pressure Barcelona to free him from the final year of his contract. After the disastrous end of last season, he was wiling to leave the club without a trophy.

But he is now ready for an end to the arguments in Barcelona: “After so many disagreements, I’d like to put an end to it.”

“I take responsibility for my mistakes, that if they happened, it was just to make the FC Barcelona better and stronger,” said the Argentine.

“I wanted to send a message to all the club members and to all the fans. If any of them is bothered for a second by something I said or did, they should never doubt that I am always thinking about what is best for the club.”

“Adding passion and desire will be the only way to achieve our objectives, always united and pulling in the same direction,” said Messi, who last Friday criticised the way Barcelona had let Luis Suarez go saying “the truth is nothing surprises me anymore.”