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EPL English Premier LeagueMessi and Pep Provoked Us, says Dudek

Messi and Pep Provoked Us, says Dudek

“He was deceptive and provocative, the same as Barcelona and Pep Guardiola,” Ex-Real Madrid goalie Jerzy Dudek said about Lionel Messi in his recent autobiography.

Dudek spent four years in Spain as a back-up for Iker Casillas, playing 12 games for Los Blancos, and drew some surprising conclusions say MARCA.               

Dudek said, “They were so ready to provoke you and they were able to do it to perfection. That hurt Jose Mourinho and the whole team a lot.

“I saw Messi say such rude things to Pepe and [Sergio] Ramos that you would not imagine from such a quiet and seemingly good person.”

Teammate Cristiano Ronaldo didn’t escape his scrutiny either. “Cristiano Ronaldo is arrogant, but he’s a normal guy behind the scenes. It’s about how people perceive him, more or less. Like Raul, he’s egocentric, incredibly competitive and a winner.”

Finally, he mused on how Messi and Ronaldo were the same: “Both would prefer their team to win 2-1 with their goals than 5-0 with other players scoring.”