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UEFA Europa LeagueLuuk de Jong hopes for a return to Camp Nou

Luuk de Jong hopes for a return to Camp Nou

On Thursday, Luuk de Jong barely played half of a game for PSV. At halftime of the match against Bod/Glimt, the striker was left behind in the changing rooms. After the Europa League game, De Jong claimed that the substitution was intentional. “Yes, that was done with an eye on the future.”

Due to a Norwegian own goal, PSV was in the lead at the break. The Eindhoven team ultimately prevailed 1-2. De Jong informed Veronica, “We knew it would be hard here. Bod is a football-loving squad that plays on artificial grass, but overall we have booked a solid victory.”

Luuk de Jong hopes to draw Barcelona or Sevilla

The striker remarked, “The artificial grass always takes some getting used to. “You always pay attention to the ball’s speed. A team that participates in it will gain from it. That is reasonable. But I think we made enough chances and occasionally played brilliantly. We occasionally had to give up and let them finish the game. They did an excellent job; congratulations.”

Following the World Cup, PSV advanced to the second round of the Europa League as the group’s number two seed.

After the World Cup, PSV was forced to concede the group title to Arsenal and compete in a preliminary round. A formidable foe might be waiting for it. There was a preference for De Jong. “There are nice teams, of course. It would be fantastic if you could get a Barcelona or Sevilla. There, I had a great experience, and I’d like to go back again. We want to go as far as we can, so an opponent who is a little easier could be preferable. But that is probably not the case if every potential opponent is a Champions League team.”

Prior to that, PSV will go to Ajax on Sunday for the most important Eredivisie fixture. “We now have a solid rhythm. Both today and against NEC and Arsenal, we played well. We aim to carry our positive attitude into Sunday,” he added.

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