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World CupLuis Enrique conifident of his side going into the World Cup

Luis Enrique conifident of his side going into the World Cup

Luis Enrique, spoke in the press conference following Spian’s 1-0 victory against Portugal. The manager was critical of themselves for having a slow start to the game. He, however, did take the opportunity to appreciate the things done right by his team.

Furthermore, he revealed the spots up for grabs are wide open. Went on to mention “not 26, but 40”.

Luis Enrique said: “The best remedy for any form of setback is victory. The better team was Portugal in the contest. I was at fault for our lack of depth in the first half since I insisted on possessing the ball. We should’ve taken more chances. We made adjustments in the second half. It was important to demonstrate that the ball was ours in the opening period. You can tell how a team is doing by watching how the bench, the assistants, and everyone else celebrates a win.

“Everyone has had outstanding attitudes. None of the visitors arrived with a negative attitude. Not 26, but 40 items are on the list. It’s unfortunate that players will be excluded. Really good. We are overjoyed. These times are enjoyed by our family.

“My list is not the most concise. It is always evolving. We don’t forget many of those who have travelled with us. I acknowledge that the coach finds that challenging.”

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