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EPL English Premier LeagueKlopp: Thiago Is Always a Kid When You Give Him a Ball

Klopp: Thiago Is Always a Kid When You Give Him a Ball

According to Jurgen Klopp, Liverpool’s new playmaker Thiago Alcantara is “still a kid” when he has possession of the ball.

“He couldn’t be happier as a person on top of that. It’s unbelievable, he’s always a kid when you give him a ball. When you take the ball away, he’s a very smart and knowledgeable football individual, who is involved in a number of things, strategy and all these sorts of things. He needs to understand what’s really essential,” Klopp told Sky Sports.

“In football world, there are quite special aspects [he has that distinguish him from others]. His dream is incredible, mix that with pretty good technical skills, and a great passing ability and stuff like that, and you have a very fascinating package. That is Thiago.”

Klopp goes on to say that Thiago is a” very fascinating kit: “Thiago’s a really good football player, obviously.

“You saw that against Chelsea. Certain things are natural to him that are not natural to other players, but without Thiago, we won the championship and we won the Champions League. He won it with Bayern, so I’d say it’s clearly a nice fit, but we have to get used to each other now.”