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EPL English Premier LeagueJose Mourinho Talks about Tottenham’s Contribution in Lockdown, Hopes to Return to...

Jose Mourinho Talks about Tottenham’s Contribution in Lockdown, Hopes to Return to Football Soon

Jose Mourinho is aware of what Tottenham Hotspurs is doing to help through the pandemic, though downplaying his particular contribution to the fight as well.

“I am so proud of what my club does and I don’t do something. This club is absolutely amazing. I think the majority of people have an understanding about what the team is doing in this stadium and what is going on there,” Mourinho informed Sky Sports. “If you do great actions, you don’t have to make it official, you do them and you do it from your soul so that’s what I hope the team is doing.”

The Premier League followed other major leagues across Europe in shutdown in March, with government lockout controls limiting the flow of people in an effort to stop Covid-19’s expansion.

Clubs are since eager to finish the season, with preparations in progress with a potential return to play in June.

Throughout the lockout, Tottenham tried to keep their players healthy by supplying them with fitness bikes. Mourinho employed video chat systems to hold simulated training sessions and track their success:

“Just before the lockout, we quickly tried to seek and give the players the best preparation for a potential shutdown that occurred a few days or weeks later; equipping their homes with facilities so they could practice.”

Mourinho states that he is missing football, but he doesn’t want to be “selfish” and waiting for return is too early, when the planet struggles to battle the pandemic of coronavirus:

“I love football but I’m not trying to be selfish-more rational and human. I just agree that I love our community-sport is part of it-so we have to be careful to fight this war. I am waiting for happier days.”