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UEFA ChampionshipGroup H of the Champions League: Here is what separated Benfica from...

Group H of the Champions League: Here is what separated Benfica from PSG

Benfica managed to top group H of the Champions League by the slimmest of margins. The splendid 1-6 victory over Maccabi Haifa was required to maintain the lead over Paris Saint-Germain. Here is what separated both teams

In the six group games, Benfica and PSG had each accrued fourteen points. In that situation, the shared games will be examined; nevertheless, they both ended in draws. As a result, the same number of goals were scored in both teams’ games in group H of the Champions League.

The overall goal differential is taken into account because the mutual result was exactly equal. Thanks to Benfica’s decisive victory over Maccabi Haifa (1-6), that statistic was also identical: both Benfica and PSG have scored sixteen goals and given up seven. They both have the same number of goals scored and a goal difference of +9. Such a scenario involving the top two teams in a Champions League group has never happened before.

The total number of away goals scored during the group stage, which was the seventh criterion, provided the answer. Outside, Benfica scored nine goals (1-2 win over Juventus, 1-1 draw at PSG and 1-6 win over Maccabi Haifa). PSG got six goals on the road (1-3 win over Maccabi Haifa, 1-1 draw at Benfica and 1-2 win at Juventus).

If no winner can finally be determined on the basis of points, goals, and victories, UEFA considers the quantity of yellow and red cards that a team has received. For this, a disciplinary score is maintained. The club coefficient is important in the practically unimaginable scenario that even that score is tied.

Criteria for tie breaker in the Champions League group stage

1. Points earned in head-to-head competition
2. The goal differential in head-to-head games
3. Scores from head-to-head games
4. Only head-to-head contests between the teams who are still tied will be used to determine the winner if at least two teams are still tied after applying criterion 1 through 3. Benfica and PSG are exempt since this condition only applies when more than two clubs were tied.
5. Goal differential overall in the group stage
6. Goals scored during group stage
7. Away goals in group stage play
8. The number of victories in group play
9. Away victories in group stage games.
10. The player with the fewest red and yellow cards during the group stage (direct red = 3 points, yellow = 1 point, and two yellow cards for a player in a game = 3 points).
11. Club coefficient

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