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French Ligue 1Girondins de Bordeaux have adressed the relelgation from Ligue 2

Girondins de Bordeaux have adressed the relelgation from Ligue 2

Girondins de Bordeaux were relegated from the Ligue 1 this season. The club has released the following statement addressing the situation.

“This is a failure. A collective failure, and a personal one.

“As President of the Girondins de Bordeaux, I fully accept my share of the responsibility.

“Like you, I am profoundly saddened by this relegation, which obliges us to adjust our plans for the future.

“On this sad day, my thoughts go out to all of our fans, to all of the club’s staff, to our partners and to all those who love the Girondins.

“Throughout the 2021-2022 season, we have not been good enough. That much is indisputable. But why? How? There are many reasons.

“When I took up my role last July, I made it clear that my takeover of the club was a rescue mission. However, that mission proved to me more complicated than expected, and the situation we inherited was dire.

‘In the coming weeks, our first objective will be to establish a detailed review of the responsibility borne by all involved.

“In order to rebuild, it is essential that we analyse the mistakes that have been made, and that we understand and learn from them.

“For the coming season, there will be changes. Those changes are necessary, but they do not alter my ambitions as president of this club.

“Right now we need to face up to the situation, pick ourselves up and put together a project which will allow the club to be ambitious, with the goal of returning to the top flight next season.

“As lead shareholder, Jogo Bonito will be working hand-in-hand with our creditors Fortress. And King Street to make this renaissance a reality.”

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