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EPL English Premier LeagueGary Neville Claims Manchester United in Good Shape to Win Next Season

Gary Neville Claims Manchester United in Good Shape to Win Next Season

Gary Neville said the Football Show Manchester United has played a ‘really good’ role in this summer transfer window. This would offer them a stronger opportunity next season to launch a league challenge.

SkySport states that Neville compared the condition of United with the pay deferrals faced by some of the largest teams in Europe when the coronavirus took influenced football around the globe, where teams like Barcelona and Juventus give their salaries to support their teams cope with the financial effects of the pandemic.

“If we hadn’t had this infection, I assume that Man Utd might have been away for two or three years.” he said. “Where I think there’s a big improvement in keeping them successful is if you were a top player in Europe right now, when you have the options of Real Madrid, Barcelona, Juventus, Liverpool, Manchester City, all those teams, Manchester United will actually miss out on those stars because of where they’re in the team’s process.”

He goes on:

“United do continue to sign some pretty high-quality talent so they’re in a position to thrive in the transfer market this summer. They’re going to be one of the teams who actually retains the potential to do more profit, because while in the past they’ve found it challenging to maintain costs so salaries down over the last eight years, they’re going to be in a really good spot to retain the strength.”

“So I don’t know why it is, but I feel a bit more optimistic about the potential of Manchester United to compete next season only because of what happened, and the fact that before this lockdown they started doing a lot better,” he concludes.