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French Ligue 1Former Valencia midfielder Carlos Soler reveals why he left Los che

Former Valencia midfielder Carlos Soler reveals why he left Los che

Former Valencia midfielder Carlos Soler signed for PSG this summer. A large portion of the Valencia fan base was disappointed by this move. As the Valencia man has pledged loyalty to his hometown club several times.

However, in a recent interview, Soler has revealed the management did not offer him a long-term contract. It is for the lack of this trust that he decided to leave Spain for Paris.

“I was ultimately requesting a long-term contract because I wanted to be committed for the rest of my life. From age 25 to 33, 34, or 35, Valencia would remain a constant in my life. The club, however, has a policy that prohibits signing contracts that are longer than six years. I had other ideas, and the club never came close to providing the number of years I requested, therefore this agreement was not completed,” Soler told SuperDeporte.

“I would have preferred an eight-, nine-, or ten-year contract. In this regard, I asked the club whether it was acceptable in Spain. Since it was their choice and they may not have given it much thought, I can’t hold it against them either.

“In fact, in the final weeks of this window, I went to meet with Gattuso and Layhoon. To find out whether there would be a change or if I would have to look for another way out. Since I didn’t want to leave for free. When the offer from Paris was prepared on the final day of the market, he instructed me to meet with Peter. When I did, they sent me their offer, which was identical to the previous one. They tried, but the circumstances weren’t close to what I desired and there was no margin,” added the former Valencia midfielder Carlos Soler.

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