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EPL English Premier LeagueFormer Inter Managing Assistant Sylvinho Talks about His Ambition to Coach in...

Former Inter Managing Assistant Sylvinho Talks about His Ambition to Coach in Italy

Ex managing assistant for Inter, Sylvinho Mendes Campos Júnior describes his tenure at the club, working with Roberto Mancini, making Mauro Icardi captain and wanting to ‘coach an Italian side.’

“I would like to coach an Italian club,” Sylvinho told Sky Sport Italia about his future vision.

He was part of Mancini’s Inter staff in 2014-15 and very briefly in 2016 before going on to a job with Brazil, currently the Olympique Lyonnais coach.

“We have different personalities,” Sylvinho said. “Mancini is more aggressive, knows how to fire up the players, he’s a real winner. Every now and then, he needs to calm down a bit. I am more relaxed in that sense, act more as a mediator.”

He further said: “I met him at Manchester City and we worked together there for five months, but he saw in me that passion for football. I had turned down his first offer to join him, as my mind wasn’t in the right place after 15 years of playing football in Europe, but I did join him at Inter three years later.

“That was a very good decision and I had a wonderful experience. Mancini transmits so much and has a great deal of experience, so it’s priceless learning from him every day.

“Italian football has changed over the years, as it’s still very tactical with strong coaches, but they do play the ball a lot more now, for instance, Mancini’s Italy squad. We coaches should all learn from them, how to defend well, but also keep possession.”

When Sylvinho was in the Inter staff, it was decided the armband would be given to Icardi the captain, but today he completed the transfer to Paris Saint-Germain for €50 m plus bonuses:

“It was one of those moments. Icardi was a young player, with character, and Mancini saw in him someone who could push the project forward. I think it was a wise decision, because Mauro scores goals, can play anywhere and is so good in the box.

“Icardi is a good guy, very relaxed, always focused in training, and we never had problems with him. If he’s happy at PSG, then I’m happy for him.”