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Demiral Devoured by Italian Press

After his “unforgivable error” against FC Porto in the Champions League, Juventus defender Merih Demiral has been devoured by the Italian press.

His foul in the area is the main subject of the Italian press the day after the elimination.

Il Corriere dello Sport claimed that “the error that led to Porto’s penalty is unforgivable.”

His intervention, according to La Gazzetta dello Sport meanwhile, was “naive and hasty, like a defender who doesn’t care.”

According to Tuttosport, on the other hand, Demiral was “too impulsive” and “the attacker takes his place and Demiral takes the bait.”

The penalty was deemed “absurd” by La Repubblica, final, but it was only “one of many pointless” plays.

Demiral’s ratings in the Italian papers:

La Gazzetta dello Sport: 5

Il Corriere dello Sport: 5

Tuttosport: 4,5

La Repubblica: 4

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