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Atletico Madrid Will Leave Super League

After all six English Premier League clubs declared their wish to withdraw, Atletico Madrid will leave Super League as well.

Atletico Madrid have become the latest club of the “dirty dozen” to abandon the European Super League.

Los Rojiblancos want out of the breakaway league after they came under fire for joining. The world of football, be it other clubs or their own fans, turned against Atletico and the other eleven clubs.

Last night, after Tuesday’s game between Chelsea and Brighton was delayed due to fan protests, Atletico also timidly suggested leaving. Then, on the morning of April 21st, today, they released an official statement to announce their withdrawal from Super League.

Atlético de Madrid’s Board of Directors took this decision, merely two days after joining the league as a Founding Club.

The statement read: “Atlético de Madrid took the decision on Monday to join the project due to circumstances that no longer exist today.”

Atletico also hinted toward apparent dissatisfaction among their first-team players and their coach regarding joining the breakaway league.

This is because the statement concluded: “The first team squad and the coach have expressed their satisfaction with the club’s decision, as they understand that sporting merits must prevail over any other criteria.”

Thus, Atletico Madrid will leave Super League, and they will be the first Spanish club to do so.

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