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RFEF Denied La Liga’s Request to Postpone Two Games in Football Today

RFEF Denied La Liga’s Request to Postpone Two Games in Football Today

The RFEF denied La Liga’s request to postpone two games, in football today, that they scheduled for next weekend. However, La Liga, the league that is Spanish’s top-flight or first league, is not giving this matter up.

The Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) has rejected La Liga’s request to postpone the upcoming match between Sevilla and Barcelona.

La Liga want to delay the match due to player involvement in South American World Cup qualifiers. And now, they will register a “challenge” to RFEF’s ruling against their interests.

RFEF Denied La Liga’s Request to Postpone Two Games in Football Today

La Liga has filed an appeal with the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) against a FIFA decision.

FIFA wants to implement a two-day extension to the CONMEBOL calendar for fixtures in September and October. But they are playing this move in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic.

England’s Premier League refused to release nearly 60 players traveling to 26 countries. They announced the football news because United Kingdom’s COVID-19 red list required players to quarantine for 10 days upon returning.

Immediately after the EPL, La Liga too announced its support for Spanish clubs that refuse to allow individuals to travel.

Players especially cannot fly to play for South American nations in the ongoing World Cup qualifiers (football results).

A total of 25 players from 13 different teams were going to participate in international play occurring in red-list countries.

The organization also sued FIFA, who requested these leagues, including Serie A, to release their players.

But now, La Liga themselves are suing FIFA in Swiss courts for violating competition rules.

Domestic leagues had already agreed to a new window in January 2022 to accommodate matches disrupted by the global pandemic.

However, CAS rejected the interim measures proposed, implying that these leagues would have to release their respective CONMEBOL players.

Finally, La Liga responded by requesting that they might get to postpone two matches. Two matches on September 11 would appreciate a postponement due to players only arriving back in Spain earlier that day.

La Liga, in simpler words, wanted to reschedule Sevilla vs Barcelona and Villarreal vs Deportivo Alaves.

While the RFEF has rejected the request, La Liga insists it will continue to fight for these two games’ postponements.

They are adamant that FIFA’S decision “is not in accordance with the law” claim Marca.

La Liga Will Persist in Their Request

A La Liga statement read: “La Liga expresses its absolute disagreement with the resolution of the president of the Competition Committee, issued by delegation of the president of the RFEF, to reject the postponement requests submitted by both Villarreal – with respect to the Villarreal v Deportivo Alaves match set for Saturday, September 11 at 18:30 – and Sevilla – for the Sevilla v Barcelona match set for Saturday, September 11 at 21:00 – and by La Liga, organiser of this competition.

“The reason for these requests is to be able to maintain the integrity of the competition as a consequence of the extension of the FIFA period in September (CONMEBOL confederation) established by circular 1776 of August 13, setting the end of said period on Thursday, September 9 (early morning on Friday the 10th in Europe, with many players landing in Spain on Saturday morning and having to play games hours later).

“Finally, these requests have been rejected as it is considered, inexplicably, that based on article 239 of the general regulations of the RFEF, the circumstances raised are not identified as a cause of force majeure, motivated by an unforeseeable circumstance such as the current one that goes beyond of the mere summons of the players in the manner established by the regulations.

“In this sense, with this resolution of the RFEF (FIFA representative in Spain), the approach made by FIFA itself to oppose the precautionary measure requested by La Liga before the CAS is being contradicted, indicating that it was easier for La Liga to postpone these matches than for FIFA to postpone those of the CONMEBOL qualifiers.

“For all these reasons, La Liga will challenge the aforementioned resolution considering it is not in accordance with the law.”

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