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Villarreal vs Man Utd Key Moments

Villareal beat Manchester United 2-1 (12-11) in the Europa League final at Miejski Stadium, Gdansk. Fans wanting a quick summary of Villarreal vs Man Utd, key moments from last night, are in the right place.

Following are the Villarreal vs Man Utd key moments, as released by the official website of Manchester United, explained. For extended highlights of the match, watch this video.

Villareal scored a goal in the first half, with United equalized in the second half. So, the match went into a penalty shootout, and was decided in the very last round of penalties.

So, the crucial points of the match were:

  • At exactly 30 minutes into the first half, Dani Parejo sent a cross flying from the left side. Gerard Moreno caught the ball with a slide and scored next to Victor Lindelof and the helpless David De Gea.
  • While the first half ended in 1-0, United equalized at 59 minutes, in the second half. Luke Shaw took a corner, which Villareal deflected with a header. However, the ball landed with Marcus Rashford, who struck a volley. In the confusion of players in front of the goal, Edinson Cavani deftly shot the ball in. He immediately ran into the net, picked up the ball, and ran to celebrate the equalizer. Thus ended the second half, with the tally at 1-1, and a penalty shootout oncoming.
  • Round 1 – In the penalty shootout, Moreno took the first shot for Villareal, and succeeded to put it past De Gea. However, on-reserve Juan Mata’s response was also a success because he scored to equalize again past Villareal goalkeeper Gerónimo Rulli.
  • Round 2 – Substitute Dani Raba took the second penalty for Villareal and De Gea failed to stop his shot too. Alex Telles responded with a clever equalizer though and the shootout saw a third round.
  • Round 3 – Paco Alcácer squeezed in Villareal’s third penalty goal, making it 4-3. But United ace Bruno Fernandes was on target as well and it ended back in a tie, 4-4.
  • Round 4 – Substitute Alberto Moreno not only shares his last name with Gerard. He now also shares a penalty goal in this final. Rashford responded to this by equalizing yet again on his penalty shot.
  • Round 5 – Parejo not only assisted in Villareal’s half-hour shot, but also scored on his penalty shot. However, another key player in the previous 90 minutes, Cavani, scored yet another goal in the fifth penalty shootout.
  • Round 6 – Moi Gómez then scored a goal, in what was now becoming a comical opposite of clean sheets for both goalkeepers. Fred defeated Rulli at the penalty spot to further prove this point.
  • Round 7 – Raúl Albiol scored for Villareal’s 8-7 lead, which Daniel James quickly equalized back to 8-8.
  • Round 8 – Francis Coquelin celebrated with a ninth goal for Villareal. But his joy was premature as Luke Shaw also succeeded in his shot.
  • Round 9 – Mario Gaspar and Axel Tuanzebe proved that even the two teams’ substitutes were unstoppable with a goal each.
  • Round 10 – Pau Torres took the second-to-last shot and put it past De Gea. Lindelof, however, made it back to 11-11 in this shocking penalty shootout.
  • Round 11 – Finally, it was the goalkeepers’ chance. First up was Rulli, who, like his ten teammates before him, duped De Gea and scored Villareal’s 12th goal. De Gea, however, when they switched positions, was unable to trick Rulli, who saved the very last penalty ball of the game. He thus won Villareal the Europa League final 12-11 and they took home the title on a 2-1 tally (contrary to our prediction).

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