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Tuchel Felt Sorry for the Dortmund Bus Bomber

Tuchel Felt Sorry for the Dortmund Bus Bomber

Before his Chelsea face Manchester City in the Champions League final tonight, Thomas Tuchel has talked about Borussia Dortmund. Talking about a chilling incident with his former club, Tuchel felt sorry for the Dortmund bus bomber, he admitted now.

The German tactician is preparing Chelsea for their Champions League final with Manchester City tonight (12:30 AM IST) in Porto.

However, he has recalled an incident, and how he felt about it, when he was head coach at Borussia Dortmund.

Just before his side battle Manchester City for the Champions League title, Tuchel has discussed another Champions League, with Dortmund.

The Dortmund Bus Bomber

Now boss of Chelsea, Tuchel was in charge of Dortmund when someone roadside bombed their bus in April of 2017.

The Dortmund team bus was attacked with roadside nail bombs.

Three bombs exploded as the bus ferried the team to the Westfalenstadion. The Dortmund team was heading there for the first leg of their quarter-final against Monaco in the UEFA Champions League.

But actually, Thomas Tuchel felt sorry for the Dortmund bus bomber, by his own admission, when facing him in court.

Sergej Wenergold, Dortmund bus bomber

Tuchel has admitted he could still feel sympathy for bomber Sergej Wenergold, even as he testified against him.

Indeed, he testified at the trial of Wenergold, who was found guilty and sentenced to 14 years in prison.

But strangely, Tuchel felt sympathy rather than anger for the bomber.

“Once I was in court later to meet the guy who admitted to doing it,” Tuchel told the Telegraph.

“I was even feeling sorry for him a little bit, I could not even feel anger, like, ‘wow, what could you have done?’”

Tuchel Then

Tuchel has revealed how he did not immediately go home following the incident.

Arriving late, he caused alarm to his family with how he responded to the trauma.

“My wife constantly tells the story that I went home late, of course,” he said.

He told the story in detail: “I drove home. I had written a message to her that [said], ‘everything is OK, don’t worry’. She was in the stadium, then I went home and my manager was there, my wife was there.”

He recalls that his family thought that the trauma of the events of that day left him “like a robot”:

“They were quite freaked out and I came home a little bit like a robot, not talking too much about it. I was in front of the TV watching Barcelona against Juventus because it was a Champions League night. She was like, ‘that’s a bit weird.’”

Tuchel Now

“It did not catch me like it caught others, I have to say,” Tuchel said about his feelings regarding the traumatic incident.

“Still until today, I do not feel the danger that we’ve been in,” he said. “I can still see the nails sticking in the bus.”

“Hopefully, it will not come someday, but it’s not that I’m thinking about it when I go into buses, when I go through a crowd,” he said candidly. “Somehow not. I’m not waiting for it, actually. I don’t want it to come.”

“But it was absolutely surreal,” he added. “It was totally surreal and it still is today.”

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