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The Power of Protest

The Power of Protest

Twelve European clubs announced their breaking away to form a European Super League on Sunday night. But, less than 48 hours later, six of the Premier League clubs involved withdrew because of the power of protest.

Liverpool, Arsenal, Manchester United, Manchester City, Tottenham Hotspur, and Chelsea were the six Premier League clubs breaking away.

The remaining Founding Clubs were Inter Milan, AC Milan, Juventus from Italy and Barcelona, Real Madrid, Atletico Madrid from Spanish.

But immediately after they announced they’d break away, football fans across the globe overwhelmingly opposed the idea.

Fans of the twelves clubs also refused to support their clubs’ decision and instead condemned their greedy owners for joining.

The Domino Effect


Chelsea fans blocked the Blues’ bus at Stamford Bridge before their match on April 20th.

This protest, before Chelsea vs Brighton, forced Chelsea to become the first of twelve clubs to withdraw.

On Tuesday night itself, the Blues announced that they wished to back out the breakaway league.

Manchester City

Soon after, Manchester City also hanged up their boots and they cited the coach, players, fans’ displeasure as the reason.


Arsenal supporters protested against Stan Kroenke’s ownership of their club, because of which they were about to break away.


Another powerful protest took place on April 19th by Reds fans before Leeds’ 1-1 draw with Liverpool.

It led the owner, John W Henry, to apologize and withdraw the next night itself, right after Chelsea and City.

Big Six

Soon, on Tuesday night itself, news broke that all six Premier League clubs would withdraw from the Super League.

Manchester United

A small number of Manchester United fans broke into the club’s Carrington training ground on the morning of April 22st.

Though their club withdrew and Ed Woodward resigned the night before, they expressed their discontent with the Glazer ownership on Thursday.

Joel Glazer’s apology to United fans was not enough- they now want the #GlazersOut.

The Power of Protest

After the ‘Big Six’ withdrew, all other clubs save Barcelona and Real Madrid also stepped out of the failed league. Such was the sheer power of protest by fans- within three days they disbanded a project in the works for a long, long time.

Not only this, their protesting held accountable those actually responsible, the owners and presidents and management who decided to join simply for money. No coaches or players or fans turned scapegoat in this football developments, and instead CEO’s, owners, chairmen had to resign.

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