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Tammy Still Has a Role to Play with the Blues

Thomas Tuchel has suggested that Tammy Abraham has a role to play at Chelsea.

23-year-old Tammy has been on the periphery of first-team play since Tuchel took over as Chelsea’s new manager.

He’s just seen 123 minutes of Premier League action in the last two months.

Tuchel, however, has revealed that he has spoken with Abraham about his lack of participation in recent months.

He confirmed that he has had open discussions with about his role at the club.

“We had some talks to encourage him to never give in, to accept the situation, to not overthink it, to just come back to the situation where the striker must not overthink it,” Tuchel said in his latest press conference, quoted by the Mirror.

He has reassured him that he is ‘part of the party’: “He just needs to be in the flow and if the team is winning without him then you can feel a little bit excluded. But it’s not like this with him so hopefully, he can be back now, back in the squad, be totally free and there are some hard choices and he’s a part of the group.”

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