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Spotify and Invincibles Veterans Want to Buy Arsenal

Spotify and Invincibles Veterans Want to Buy Arsenal

After Arsenal’s catastrophic involvement with the failed Super League, fans want their club’s American owners to step down. As such, Spotify and ‘Invincibles’ veterans want to buy Arsenal if its up for sale in the near future.

In the aftermath of the Super League proposal, which fans universally criticized, Arsenal fans protested against Stan Kroenke’s ownership.

They staged a protest right outside Emirates Stadium to get #KroenkeOut in the middle of a pandemic. That’s how much they want the owners, whom they deemed to be mere money-hungry opportunists, out.

The rest of the Premier League were also enraged at Arsenal, because of which they withdrew two days after joining. But owner Stan Kroenke still shows no sign of buying out of the club.

Spotify Interested

Could Spotify take over the club whose fans want a switch in ownership? It’s certainly likely, based on their Swedish billionaire owner’s openly public interest.

Spotify owner Daniel Ek has expressed his interest in buying Arsenal from the Kroenke family.

Ek wrote on Twitter on April 23, amidst the protests against the Kroenke ownership:

Former Gunners Legends May Own Arsenal?

Arsenal’s 2003-04 team players have gone down in history as the ‘Invincibles’. Fans named them as such because, that season, they played without losing a single Premier League game.

Now, some of the Invincibles want to club their resources together to buy their former club.

A cohort of former Gunners stars, including Thierry Henry, Dennis Bergkamp and Patrick Vieira, are also reportedly keen on ownership.

They have shown interest in joining Ek’s takeover bid, and becoming part-owners of their beloved club, according to the Telegraph.

But while Spotify and ‘Invincibles’ veterans want to buy Arsenal, Josh Kroenke has hinted that his father Stan won’t be selling out any time soon.

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