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Simeone Believes the Current Top-four Are Good for Spanish Football

Simeone Believes the Current Top-four Are Good for Spanish Football

Under Diego Simeone’s leadership, in the La Liga, Atletico Madrid holds a slender lead over Barcelona, Real Madrid, and Sevilla. In this exciting title chase, Simeone believes the current top-four are good for Spanish football.

Following Barcelona’s blunder, per Diego Simeone, LaLiga has become more engrossing because of the novelty of this season’s four-way championship.

The La Liga race has improved this season, as Simeone believes the current top-four are good Spanish football.

Simeone adds that current champions, leading the La Liga table, Atletico Madrid are only concerned about themselves.

The Atletico head coach is primarily focused on his team’s success rather than the other top three teams.

The Four at Top

Atletico Madrid lead the La Liga charts with 73 points. Real Madrid and Barcelona are second and third respectively, each claiming 71 points. And Sevilla are fourth of the table with just one point less i.e. 70 points.

And this arrangement, Simeone says, is a welcome diversion from the Barca-Madrid duopoly that has long dominated LaLiga.

“It is novel and does good to Spanish football,” Simeone told a pre-match media conference of the four-team battle claim Yahoo Sport.

“The possibility that several teams can win is good. We are in a four-way fight in which match by match takes on a more important value.

“With four teams so tight I can only think about the next game. Trust the players who have been having a very good season.”

Why Is This Top-four Better?

Atletico Madrid were recently involved in the European Super League fiasco. After declaring themselves as a Founding Club, they were the first non-English club to officially withdraw, just three days later.

Could Simeone’s remarks about the La Liga top four be coming from the same elitism and commercialism that made Atletico eager to sign up for Super League?

Though the current race is a fresh departure from the Barca-Madrid dominance, could it still just be a race between equally “big” clubs?

After all, Simeone’s the highest-paid manager of La Liga (not without reason). And the highest-paid player, Lionel Messi, is the captain of their title contenders right now, Barcelona.

Also, the top four teams have a twenty-point advantage over the rest. Real Soceidad, fifth on the charts, have just 53 points.

We are in no way taking away from the hard work the top four put in to get this lead. But perhaps these four also had more resources to assist them in their climb up the table.

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