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Ronaldo’s Moved Cars Signify a Juventus Exit?

Cristiano Ronaldo reportedly moved his cars out of his Turin home last night. This has got the fans wondering – do Ronaldo’s moved cars signify a Juventus exit?

Whatever the fans may believe, Ronaldo’s cars’ exit from Turin does not collate to the man exiting the Italian stronghold himself.

The cars being out of Turin now have nothing to do with a potential Juventus exit for the Juventus striker.

Multiple sources reassure fans to not read too much into this move. A Juve exit is not on the cards for Ronaldo (though it was for his cars), at least yet.

Many took the moved cars as evidence of his departure from Juventus at the end of the season.

According to Sky Sport Italia, though, the 36-year-old has yet to make a decision about his future.

According to sources “close to the player”, Ronaldo moves his cars out every year before his vacation, which he takes annually. also reported that Ronaldo usually moves his cars to different destinations before the summer. As the season ends, Ronaldo takes a break from football and takes a vacation.

Only…his cars leave for vacation before he himself does!

Why the move has surprised fans is because he couldn’t move his cars a year ago. They remained in Turin as the football season resumed in June following the COVID pandemic’s peak.

According to Corriere Torino, Ronaldo relocated his cars the year before that for maintenance purposes, as the majority of his vehicles are tested in Germany.

The Evidence and the Witness

One of Ronaldo’s neighbours, however, Luciano Saroglia, spoke to Radio Punto Nuovo, and ignited the exit rumors.

He said: “It’s unlikely they will move the cars in another place in Turin,” he said. “We saw Ronaldo control operations. This is the last week of the season and is moving the cars. He is an average neighbour. He doesn’t do parties or things like that.”

PerSempreCalcio published a video where you can see men handling Ronaldo’s supercars.

They loaded the cars onto a Rodo Cargo truck, a well-known transport company based in Lisbon.

Still, its unlikely that Ronaldo’s moved cars signify a Juventus exit alone.

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