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Premier League’s New Rule Will Prevent Future Super Leagues

Premier League’s New Rule Will Prevent Future Super Leagues

The failed Super League proposal, with six English clubs, caused an uproar among fans. It also met resistant from England’s top-flight, as Premier League’s new rule will prevent future Super Leagues.

Reaction to Super League

When the Super League was announced, Premier League’s reaction to six of their clubs breaking away was one of fury.

The domestic top-flight organized a meeting without the ‘Big Six’ to discuss their future at home, in England. English clubs were also very vocal individually against their counterparts breaking away.

The EPL even threatened to ban the guilty six from not just the domestic leagues but also continental football. Pan-European football (like Europa League or Champions League) and international competitions (like World Cup) would be closed to them.

Due to this pressure, and protests from their fans, the six clubs unanimously decided to withdraw.

On Sunday evening, Manchester United, Manchester City, Chelsea, Liverpool, Tottenham Hotspur, and Arsenal all announced their intention to join the Super League, but all six clubs later withdrew due to fan and media pressure.

Premier League’s New Rule Will Prevent Future Super Leagues

Following this Super League saga, the Premier League will soon introduce a new rule.

The Premier League is rumored to be proposing a new rule that would result in clubs being kicked out of England’s top-flight if they joined a breakaway league.

This rule will prohibit any of its clubs from attempting to entering any future Super Leagues or similar breakaway leagues.

According to the Times, a governance review is already underway.

Premier League chief Richard Masters is collaborating with the FA. Together, they will ensure that they quickly address any potential threat to the league.

A source close to the developments said: “This will kill off the threat of English clubs joining a European Super League forever.”

Since the proposal’s demise, the focus has now shifted toward the future.

Football’s governing bodies are devising ways in which they can deter clubs from attempting similar ruses in the future.

We, here at Football Chase, are not sure if this is for the betterment of football. Could this perhaps simply be a way to resist any future change for tradition?

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