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Mbappe Plays Mind Games with Himself

Mbappe Plays Mind Games with Himself

Paris Saint-Germain striker Kylian Mbappe plays mind games with himself to perform well.

One trick is to maintain that he is the best player on the field at all times.

Kylian Mbappe has exposed the ego trick that allows him to believe his abilities are unrivalled.

In an interview with French broadcaster RMC Sport, Mbappe said of egotism: “Of course it’s important because when you’re having a tough time, no one other than yourself is going to push you.”

“And you have to convince yourself that you are capable of toppling mountains. People don’t understand ego, but when you are not doing well, there’s no one who will come to your house to tell you that you are able to do that,” he went on.

“It is only you and your mindset. You have to persuade yourself that you are capable of doing great things.”

With Messi and Ronaldo:

It works even when he is facing Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo, who are his idols.

He anyway has a leg up on Messi and Ronaldo. He won the World Cup with France and amassed trophies at club level.

“Every time I go on a pitch, I always tell myself that I’m the best and yet I have played on pitches where there was Messi and Cristiano,” he remarked.

“They are better players than me, they’ve done a billion more things than me. But in my head, I always tell myself that I’m the best, because that way you don’t give yourself limits and you try to give the best of yourself.”

“Of course, sometimes people don’t understand because I think that there is perhaps also this barrier that is created in relation to this subject, where one does not really explain what ego is,” he continued, on ego.

“People will think ego is not giving a penalty to a friend, or to have a better salary than the player on the rival team. It’s not just that, it’s also in the preparation. It’s something personally, surpassing yourself, it’s really beyond this superficial thing of saying ‘me I, me I’. But I think there’s quite a lot to be said about that.”

And this is how Mbappe plays mind games with himself.

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