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Leeds Say to Liverpool – ‘Champions League: Earn It’

Leeds Say to Liverpool - ‘Champions League: Earn It’

Leeds are speaking out against the formation of a European Super League (ESL). Via player jerseys, Leeds say to Liverpool – ‘Champions League: Earn It’.

Fans have expressed widespread rejection of the Super League idea, as can be seen here.

As they drew 1-1 with Liverpool in the English Premier League on Monday, Leeds players didn’t wear their usual jerseys. Leaving their club jerseys in the dressing room, they warmed up wearing special shirts.

As the message on the jerseys made clear, Leeds say to Liverpool – ‘Champions League: Earn It’.

Along with saying ‘earn it’ on the front, the shirts also printed on the back- ‘Football is for the fans.”

Leeds players warmed up in these jerseys, sending a clear message to Liverpool and other English clubs breaking away.

Liverpool, Chelsea, and Tottenham are three of the Big Six English clubs to sign with Super League. These three clubs are racing for a Champions League qualification next year.

However, with these (and other clubs) set to start Super League from the next season itself, qualification is pointless. Essentially, these three teams are hogging up spots for Champions League, the very competition they may usurp with Super League.

Incidentally, Liverpool head coach Jurgen Klopp was one of the firsts to criticize a potential Super League, back in 2019.

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