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Klopp Enjoys His First Win at Old Trafford

Klopp Enjoys His First Win at Old Trafford

As Liverpool head coach Jurgen Klopp enjoys his first win at Old Trafford, he discusses their win over Manchester United.

Not only did the 2-4 give Klopp his first win on the United pitch, it was also Liverpool’s first victory at Old Trafford in seven years.

So far, rivals Liverpool and United have only played low-scoring stalemates, and indeed, we expected a tie on Thursday too.

But instead, the Reds secured a well-deserved, per head coach Klopp, 2-4 win over United.

Actually, Bruno Fernandes opened the scoring within 10 minutes, but Diogo Jota equalized the game 1-1 for Liverpool.

Then followed a brace from Roberto Firmino, which Marcus Rashford’s second-half goal wasn’t sufficient enough to equalize from 2-3.

Finally, Mohamed Salah scored at death time, in the 90th minute, for Liverpool. Not only did this goal end the match 2-4, it was also Salah’s 30th goal of the season.

And, after this win, Klopp has discussed everything about the match on Liverpool’s official website.

Klopp Enjoys His First Win at Old Trafford

“Great fight, good game, intense, and the first win at Old Trafford since I am here,” said Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp. “Good timing, I would say. We fought hard for it, we deserved it”.

Klopp said about Liverpool’s first win in seven years on their arch-rivals’ territory: “I thought we had a good game; we were better tonight, so we won the game.”

“We caused them more problems, that’s why we won the game,” he explained directly.

Klopp Was Prepared for the Protests

Besides Klopp’s first win on United ground, this game at Old Trafford was historic in another way.

This Manchester United-Liverpool match would’ve gone down on May 2nd, if not for the fan protests which seized Old Trafford.

Even on Thursday, May 13th (when the postponed match was played), United fans protested against the Glazer ownership of United.

In protest, some fans slashed the tyres of the Liverpool bus along with chants of “We Want Glazers Out!”.

The protestors blocked the path of the Reds’ bus, then empty (as Klopp will testify below) to the away stadium.

Now, Greater Manchester police have arrested two people for their suspected involvement in this case.

When Klopp had to answer whether the protests disrupted his team’s preparations, he said: “No, we were not really aware of that. We got information, something happened to our bus and so we had to change the bus, but it was before we were in [it].”

“Our ride to the stadium was completely fine, the police did an incredible job,” he then added.

“I am not sure if for us they were needed, but they were there and so we didn’t recognise any trouble or whatever,” he added, though. “We just heard about it, that there was something, but it didn’t disturb us or our preparation or whatever.”

Klopp Praises Salah

Mohamed Salah scored his 30th goal of the season on Thursday, and also finished 200 appearances for Liverpool.

And Klopp praised him, albeit dissociating from the reasons behind Salah being underrated.

Klopp said: “Mo again played an exceptional season, and if we would have played on a more consistent level then his numbers would have been different, and even better!”

“Is he sometimes under-appreciated?” Klopp asked, and himself answered: “Probably yes, but that’s not for me to change. Other people make decisions about that. I have no influence. I’m not sure if it’s the most important thing.”

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