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Juventus vs Genoa– Pirlo’s Reaction

Juventus vs Genoa– Pirlo’s Reaction

In the race for the Scudetto, Juventus beat Genoa 3-1 yesterday, but they remained in third position nonetheless. Head coach Andrea Pirlo must be content, however, after they also won 2-1 over Napoli on April 7th. For Juventus vs Genoa, Pirlo’s reaction has still been critical.

Only recently, there were reports that Pirlo would exit as the head coach of Juventus. Or rather, more accurately, he would be sacked. A match pivotal in deciding Pirlo’s future was the match against Napoli.

Now, not only has Pirlo led his team to success over Napoli, but also continued that streak of success by a 3-1 tally over Genoa.

Juventus vs Genoa– Pirlo’s Reaction:

Juve had a 2-0 lead at the break, but they lost some focus at the end of the first half.

And this, as well as a shaky second half, is not a first for Juventus in this season, observes Pirlo.

After Juventus vs Genoa, Pirlo’s reaction has been recorded on the club’s official website:

“We interpreted the game well – we started with the right attitude, everything seemed straightforward, then at the end of the first half we conceded a chance through a lack of concentration and it could have cost us dearly.”

“We started the second period wanting to play our game but we dropped too deep and pushed our luck slightly, by failing to take chances that would have allowed us to control the game with greater calm,” he continued.

“Unfortunately, we’ve made things difficult for ourselves in several games that seemed straightforward on paper, and that’s cost us points along the way,” he analyzed. “That didn’t happen today because we had a great first half and we looked to be dominating the game, but some carelessness led us to struggle a bit more than we should have.”

Pirlo as Juventus Coach:

What with Juventus being his first coaching experience, Pirlo has become a sort of “underdog” among coaches.

So, he faces questions regarding his coaching prowess and future oftener than experienced counterparts.

This is what he’s said, most recently: “All coaches must feel like they have to prove themselves every single day, let alone me, as I am in my first coaching experience. Football has been my dream since I was a child and I will keep working hard to improve.”

“I’d give myself a six out of 10 for this season so far,” he rated his debut season. “I know that I must do more, and when you don’t achieve certain results, the coach is the first to take responsibility.”

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