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Juventus, Barcelona, and Real Madrid Respond to UEFA’s Statement

Juventus, Barcelona, and Real Madrid Respond to UEFA’s Statement

Only three of the twelve Founding Clubs have yet to withdraw from the reviled Super League. After UEFA declared the other nine clubs’ renewed commitment, Juventus, Barcelona, and Real Madrid respond to UEFA’s statement now.

In the statement, UEFA specified the fines that the nine repentant clubs would have to pay. At the same time, the nine clubs reinforced their faith in UEFA and commitment to UEFA competitions.

However, UEFA’s statement marked out Juventus, Barcelona, and Real Madrid for harsher disciplinary action.

UEFA president Aleksander Ceferin said in the statement: “UEFA has reserved all rights to take whatever action it deems appropriate against those clubs that have so far refused to renounce the so-called ‘Super League’.

“The matter will promptly be referred to the competent UEFA disciplinary bodies.”

Juventus, Barcelona, and Real Madrid Respond to UEFA’s Statement

Fútbol Club Barcelona, Juventus, and Real Madrid Club de Fútbol released a joint statement in response to UEFA’s declaration.

They started by saying that their nine ex-compatriots withdrew due to pressure and threats put on them by governing bodies. The wrath of UEFA, domestic football bodies, and fans desisted them from their duty of creating more sustainable football.

Further, they pointed out that the Super League would’ve never commenced without UEFA/FIFA approval. Neither football governing body communicated their disapproval before condemning the breakaway league publicly.

The three remaining clubs still believe that post-pandemic football needs structural reforms.

They introduced the league “to bring financial stability” to European football as well as provide worldwide fans with quality football.

“Moreover, one of its main objectives was to promote women’s football on a global level, a tremendous, but currently underestimated, opportunity for the sector,” the statement further argues.

They then said that they’d be willing to reconsider the specifics of their proposal, but not the proposal itself.

Fans can go through the entire length of their response on Juventus’ official website, where they just published the statement.

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