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Edwin van der Sar at Manchester United?

Edwin van der Sar at Manchester United?

Now that Ed Woodward will exit Manchester United when 2021 ends, who will replace him? The name on top of most fans’ list is that of a club favorite. Fans want Edwin van der Sar at Manchester United as their new executive vice-chairman.

Woodward will resign as the executive vice-chairman of United by 2021 end. The reason behind his leaving is fans’ angry outbursts over United’s Super League involvement.

Indeed, United players and staff also expressed their discontent over it in an emergency briefing that Woodward called on Monday night.

By Tuesday, the opposition to the decision was so widespread that Woodward had to step down.

Fans were disappointed by the pivotal role that United are playing in the new breakaway league. United co-owner Joel Glazer has even been named as vice-chairman of the ESL.

Now, with Woodward set to leave, Glazer wrote him a farewell message, saying: “Ed Woodward has served the club with great distinction. On behalf of everyone at United I would like to place on record our sincere thanks for his tireless work and dedication.”

“His contribution to the club has been massive, and he will always be welcome at Old Trafford as a part of the Manchester United family,” he concluded.

Why Edwin van der Sar at Manchester United Is Perfect:

Now, fans wish for the return of Edwin van der Sar to become the executive vice-chairman of Manchester United.

The current chief executive (CEO) of AFC Ajax, Van der Sar used to play for United in his playing days.

So, not only is he well-akin to United history, but he also has executive experience in his bag now.

Ajax have enjoyed immense success and a cultural reset under Van der Sar since 2012. His abilities as an executive are pain to see, and no fan can doubt his competence to take over United.

Moreover, he has the added advantage of being “United alumni”. He’s celebrated for his prestigious run as a United goalkeeper.

In fact, he played an integral role in United dramatically winning the Champions League title in 2008. United and Chelsea were struggling over a penalty shoot-out in the final.

Van der Sar pulled off the last, crucial save for United. Six Chelsea players before Nicolas Anelka had kicked to the left side. Van der Sar pointed to his left to indicate to Nicolas Anelka that he thought he would kick to that side. Only, he finally correctly dove to his right and denied Anelka a penalty goal. United thus won the penalty shoot-out and the UCL title that year.

So, our point is, Van der Sar is a United legend who knows the club through and through. Plus, he’s a hero in the competition (UCL) that Super League will try to usurp.

In times when Woodward resigned for choosing a payout over club values, United need someone who understands, who cares. United fans need reassurance that his replacement will prioritize their interests and the spirit of open competition that defines football.

Who better than a cherished club favorite?

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