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Chloe Morgan Begins an Inclusive Goalkeeper Coaching Programme

Chloe Morgan Begins an Inclusive Goalkeeper Coaching Programme

After Gianluigi Buffon launched an academy specializing in goalkeeper education, now Chloe Morgan begins an inclusive goalkeeper coaching programme.

Chloe Morgan joined Crystal Palace as a goalkeeper last summer, after six years of playing with Tottenham.

She is also a goalkeeping coach and diversity and inclusion officer with Goal Diggers FC.

. It is an amateur club especially for women and non-binary people.

In September, influential network organization Women in Football even welcomed her to their board.

She juggles her football commitments along with her day job as a lawyer. She upholds an impressive legal career at a national law firm, where she specializes in cases of serious brain injuries.

Besides these, she also expends energy (of which she clearly has a lot) on ambassadorial work. The 31-year-old also champions issues of LGBT and BAME communities in sport.

Chloe Morgan Begins an Inclusive Goalkeeper Coaching Programme

Now, the Crystal Palace goalkeeper has noticed a dearth of goalkeepers in women’s and girls’ games like football. She wants to counter this gendered resistance to go into goal.

So, in recent weeks, she has launched the M-Power Goalkeeping Coaching. On the new programme’s Instagram page, she has stated the mission of the initiative.

The programme is designed to help aspiring goalkeepers in women’s football climb through ranks.

Morgan also places an emphasis on inclusivity and wants to make sure everyone feels welcome – it’s all abilities, all-inclusive.

She confirms this while speaking at a panel event hosted by the Woman@Sky and LGBT+@Sky networks for Lesbian Visibility Week.

“M-Power is specifically for girls and women, including trans, and non-binary people,” she elaborates.

“It’s about trying to encourage more people to get into goalkeeping because I think it’s still one of those areas, for the men’s and women’s games, that has not been at the forefront of agendas. Outfield players have always taken priority.”

Camp Specifics

The first coaching camp will commence in June. And attendees aged 6 to 16 are invited to participate.

Morgan wants to reach out to youth from an early age because she wants to target the bias against goalkeeping from ever arising in young womxn and non-binary people:

“The fear is that they don’t know what they’re doing, or they’re going to mess up or make a mistake. I just want to give people the tools and the techniques and encourage them to see goalkeeping as fun and creative – a very diverse and unique position.”

Bristol City’s Sophie Baggaley and Leicester’s Championship title-winner Sophie Harris have agreed to coach aspirants in goalkeeping.

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