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Lucas Hernandez Escaped Prison after Violating a Restraining Order

Lucas Hernandez Escaped Prison after Violating a Restraining Order

Bayern Munich’s Lucas Hernandez escaped prison after violating a restraining order.

Hernandez’s partner, with whom he went on vacation to the United States, issued a restraining order against him in 2017.

But the fact that he subsequently vacationed with her meant that he was subject to an arrest and possibly imprisonment.

Indeed, the 25-year-old had until October 28 to surrender for violating this restraining order.

Then, Hernandez had no choice but to willingly enter Spanish prison as a result of the law violation.

Instead, he flew to Madrid on October 18 and filed an appeal against the verdict.

Now, it seems, Madrid’s regional appeals court have allowed his appeal against this violation of the restraining order.

Lucas Hernandez Escaped Prison after Violating a Restraining Order

According to Marca, the defense has won Lucas Hernandez’s appeal, which means he will not have to serve any time. The Bayern Munich player will not see the inside of a prison.

Instead, the court hit Hernandez with a €94,000 fine, which he will have to pay in €400 daily instalments. He will suffer a fine each day over the following four years, as well as a six-month suspended prison sentence.

Hernandez and his fiancée traveled to Miami despite the fact that they were both subject to a restraining order. This court order stemmed from a domestic violence event that occurred previously in their relationship.

Despite knowing this, the couple disobeyed the law and went on vacation with each other.

They went so far as to upload images online of themselves together and even announcing their marriage in Las Vegas.

While Hernandez’s restraining order against his partner had not yet been made public, her order against the France international had already been issued, indicating that he had broken the law.

The defender got himself into a lot of problems as a result of this offense. He could have even received a prison sentence for violating the restraining order.

However, his lawyers were successful in their appeal of the verdict, which means he will not face any serious punishment.

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