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Kostic’s Football Transfer to Lazio Failed Because of a Typo

Kostic’s Football Transfer to Lazio Failed Because of a Typo

According to reports, Lazio could have signed Filip Kostic from Eintracht Frankfurt before the deadline in this summer transfer window. But the club made a typo in their bid for him, and the rest is history. So, among other, bizarre football transfer news, Kostic’s football transfer to Lazio failed because of a typo by the club.

If it hadn’t been for a typo in the email when they sent their offer, Lazio would have already secured Filip Kostic’s signature by now.

The Serbia international had been on their radar for some time and he even allegedly agreed personal terms months ago.

Despite all this, the Biancocelesti were unable to agree on a transfer fee with his club, Eintracht Frankfurt. And some other…things, went wrong.

Kostic’s Football Transfer to Lazio Failed Because of a Typo

According to various reports, the move for Filip Kostic fell through because Lazio sent an email to the incorrect address.

Some sources have even speculated that Eintracht Frankfurt provided an incorrect email address on purpose to deliberately derail the deal.

But Eintracht Frankfurt themselves have assured and other news channels that Lazio made a typo in the address.

It seems that the Aquile forgot to add a crucial ‘K’ when they wrote ‘Franfurt’ rather than ‘Frankfurt’.

And because they misspelled Eintracht Frankfurt in the email address itself, it implies that the latter never received the email.

“I don’t want to talk about it, there’s no point now,” Lazio director of sport Igli Tare told

“We wanted to sign Kostic, but that’s in the past now. We wish the best to the player and Eintracht Frankfurt.”

Meanwhile, Lazio fans, furious due to the club’s lack of transfer activity this summer, are even more enraged by this.

Some fans have even sent threatening and insulting messages to Tare’s son, Etienne, who plays for the Primavera youth team.

Etienne Tare complained on Instagram about receiving everything from insults to death threats from their own club’s rogue fans.

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