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Hearts Have Hearty Fun with Jerseys Featuring Waystar RoyCo

Hearts Have Hearty Fun with Jerseys Featuring Waystar RoyCo

Succession on HBO rightfully has a reputation for being one of the best shows currently airing on international television. So much has its popularity magnified that it has even perforated the world of football – at least football in Scotland! After Hibernian Beat Dundee in Scottish Premiership football results, Hearts have hearty fun with jerseys featuring Waystar RoyCo as sponsors.

Succession stars legendary Scottish actor Brian Cox as Logan Roy, who is founder/head of global multi-billion media enterprise Waystar RoyCo.

And the show’s second season features a minor football-related subplot, around the Dundee-born actor, with Scottish sides Hearts and Hibs.

In this second season, the Roys travel to Scotland to celebrate Logan’s 50th year as head of the Waystar business.

While there, Logan’s son, Roman (Kieran Culkin) wants to impress his father by buying his favoured team – Heart of Midlothian. At least, that’s what Roman assumes his father Logan’s favourite football club is.

However, later in the episode, we learn that Roman has read his father’s tastes entirely wrong. As it turns out, Logan actually supports Hearts’ direct crosstown arch-rivals, Hibernian – Hibs.

When Roman presents this gift of being co-owner of Hearts to his father, Logan simply states: “I’m Hibs.”

This scene highlights first, how desperate Roman, as the other Roy kids, is for his father’s approval. Secondly, because Roman also initially doubts that Hibs, and not Hearts, are his father’s favoured team, the subplot explores how Roman, again as his Roy siblings, often goes against his often-impeccable instincts just because he worries too much about whether he’ll receive Logan’s validation or not.

Hearts Have Hearty Fun with Jerseys Featuring Waystar RoyCo

But, more interestingly, bringing the on-screen hilarity to real life, Scottish club Hearts have actually launched an exclusive jersey kit.

These shirts are in a tie-up with ‘Succession’ (actually Now TV) and jokingly feature Waystar RoyCo as the main sponsor.

The shirts were given away to fans in a competition that raises funds for MND Scotland. MND is a UK-based motor neurone disease charity whose logo is usually at the front of the Hearts home kit.

Beside this, Brian Cox himself is originally from Dundee and had his Scottish heritage written into the show.

But since then, the actor has been coy about his footballing allegiances.

“I’m a Dundonian but because of who I am I can’t just support any one team,” Cox told The Big Issue. “I admire United but my cousin Bobby Cox played for Dundee. He was the man who invented the sliding tackle.”

A thrilling season 3 of Succession has just finished airing, and they already have permission to reboot the show for a fourth season.

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