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Glazers Won’t Sell Manchester United

Manchester United fans protested on Sunday against the Glazer family’s ownership of their club and their Super League involvement. But their efforts to replace the Americans with fan ownership may be futile, because, seemingly, Glazers won’t sell Manchester United.

Manchester United fans stormed outside Old Trafford and Lowry Hotel before a home game against Liverpool last weekend. They even entered the stadium and crowded the pitch and the stands.

They held up banners, raised chants, and set off flares in a peaceful anti-Glazers protest.

Their gathering, asking the Glazers to step down from club ownership, caused a postponement of the United vs Liverpool match.

While some fans got a bit disruptive, most protestors demanded for 50+1 fan ownership in their third peaceful demonstration. The first and second also made the same demands peacefully.

But despite such unilateral and universal pressure to relinquish the reins of United, the Glazers have no plans of selling.

Glazers Won’t Sell Manchester United

Despite publishing an official announcement supporting the protestors, the club could now ban fans responsible for “criminality” within the protest.

What they mean by criminal is yet unknown, as fans who broke into the Theatre of Dreams could be punished.

Furthermore, the billionaire family of American businessmen have no intention to sell Manchester United.

Instead, the Glazers intend to raise the value of the club to $10 billion, writes The Guardian. It currently stands at $ 3.05 billion, and the Glazers want to bring it up to 7 billion, in pounds.

Meet the Glazers

The Glazer family is a prominent investor group in both the NFL and the Premier League.

The family owns a majority in both the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, as well as Manchester United FC.

Both of these clubs’ ownerships have come thanks to Malcom Glazer, the family’s patriarch.

The son of Lithuanian immigrants, Malcolm made his fortune in a variety of industries, including real estate. Malcolm became a hugely successful American businessman in the course of his lifetime.

In 1995, he paid a record fee to purchase the Bucs in America.

Then, between 2003 and 2005, he slowly completed his takeover of Manchester United.

At the time, the takeover was strongly opposed by United fans. And this resistance had good reason, seeing, in hindsight, the financial position his family left the club in.

When Malcolm died in 2014, his 6 children inherited his endeavors. These six descendants now control a considerable part of the Glazer group’s business.

One of his sons, Joel, played a pivotal role in the breakaway league. After the league collapsed in two days, he wrote an open letter of apology to fans. It wasn’t received well.

(These fans want more- for Joel Glazer and the Glazer family to sell out of their beloved United.)

So, the family’s future in England is now in question. While, things are going great with the Bucs, fresh off a Super Bowl win, English fans want the foreigners gone.

Whether the Glazers sell the club or not, they will definitely face immense pressure in the next few days.

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