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Football Today – Tebas Criticizes FIFA on Their Biennial World Cup Plan

Football Today – Tebas Criticizes FIFA on Their Biennial World Cup Plan

La Liga president Javier Tebas has responded to the FIFA statement. The statement says that according to the global survey the majority of fans favor more frequent men’s World Cups. So, after dissing Paris Saint-Germain’s financial “cheating” in football today, Tebas criticizes FIFA on their biennial World Cup plan next.

FIFA issued a claim saying audiences would prefer watching a World Cup every two years instead of the usual four.

However, Javier Tebas, Spanish top-flight La Liga’s president, has firmly opposed not only FIFA’s proposal but, it seems, FIFA themselves.

“FIFA’s own survey concludes the opposite of its headline,” Tebas wrote via Twitter.

“All age groups prefer a World Cup every four years by a wide difference,” he added. “How they can be credible if they manipulate their own data?”

Football Today – Tebas Criticizes FIFA on Their Biennial World Cup Plan

Javier Tebas has posted a graph based on the survey to support his argument. Tebas’s argument is that FIFA are claiming the opposite of what they’ve found, viz. people preferring a quadrennial World Cup.

The interpretive graph shows that in each age group – 18-24, 25-34, 35-44, 45-54 and 55+ – the most popular option is a World Cup every four years.

However, in each group, the other three options – World Cup once a year, two and three – combined to get more votes than the single category option of “once every 4 years”.

This means that FIFA’s conclusion that people would like the World Cup to be held more often is generally correct.

This, that they’d appreciate more frequency, does not mean, however, that more people want a biennial World Cup in particular.

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