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Euro 2020 Group D Team Preview – Czech Republic

Euro 2020 Group D Team Preview – Czech Republic

After we updated you on Scotland’s form in football news today, we now move on to the last Euro 2020 Group D team preview – Czech Republic.

The Czech national team has not been popular with the general public and fans for a long time.

Indeed, Czech’s football organizers have been struggling to sell out home stadiums against Germany, Spain, and the like.

This can be credited to incredibly monotonous Michal Bilek era (2009-13) and later Karel Jarolim’s wild experimental era (2016-18). Jarolim’s reign actually began with a 0-0 home stalemate with Azerbaijan.

These two managers’ time have sapped much of the energy and appetite of casual fans.

So, despite being well-balanced, disciplined, and somewhat rich in recent form of key players, this team isn’t a crowd favorite.

And Czech is even unlikely to come close to being every neutral’s favorite side, like they were in Euro 2004.

Euro 2020 Group D Team Preview – Czech Republic

The Czechs, in actuality, have a history of thriving in the face of hardship and underestimation. There’s evidence of this in their performance in the 2020/21 Nations League.

The Czechs were four points behind Scotland in Euro 2020 after four match days. Still, they finished their season with two strong victories and two clean sheets, securing promotion to League A.

To the contrary, the Czech Republic entered the Euros with a crushing 4-1 loss in 2012. But they made a thrilling comeback to end up leading their group.

Also, lately, they’ve stood their ground against Belgium and England, deserving the four points they received.

This is a squad whose core consists of players who train and love to win, frequently against the odds.

Slavia Prague, whose tactical blueprint the Czech national team proudly follows, has just won their second double (third title).

They also reached their second Europa League quarter-final in three years.

And regular national team contributors like Boril, Coufal, Kral, and Soucek have their fingerprints all over these accomplishments.

The minimal goal, we expect from Czech, should be to qualify out of the group.

Since their glorious 1996 debut, the Czechs have followed the typical Euros trend– first excellent, then dismal, and then good.

For the first time in their (admittedly brief) Euro history, they failed to win a single game last time out.

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