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Eriksen May Return to Ajax on a Football Transfer from Inter

Eriksen May Return to Ajax on a Football Transfer from Inter

According to reports, Christian Eriksen is in talks to make a comeback at Ajax. So, among other transfer news football today, Eriksen may return to Ajax on a football transfer from Inter.

This move would not be surprising given that Eriksen is unable to play for Inter due to a defibrillator implant.

29-year-old Christian Eriksen came up in the football world through the Ajax youth system before he joined Tottenham in 2013.

After this, in January 2020, he left the Spurs for Inter and moved for €27 million.

Indeed, he had only recently begun to find his feet in Italy and Serie A as Inter won the Scudetto.

Eriksen May Return to Ajax on a Football Transfer from Inter

In June, Christian Eriksen collapsed and his heart stopped during Denmark’s UEFA Euro 2020 match against Finland (the football news).

The medical personnel on duty at the match swiftly and superbly revived him on the pitch itself.

After hospitalization, Eriksen was released from care on June 18, but not before undergoing surgery to receive the implantable cardioverter-defibrillator.

After installing this implantable cardioverter-defibrillator (ICD), though, Eriksen is gradually returning to normal life, though.

Indeed, recent, live football updates cited Eriksen returning to the Inter camp for medical tests that would determine his fitness.

Now however, we have realized that Italian law prohibits anyone with an ICD from continuing their careers as professional athletes.

In fact, Eriksen would only be cleared to play for Inter again if the implant was removed.

However, this condition presents its own dilemma.

For him to remove the ICD, it is important to confirm without doubt that this was a one-time occurrence.

The removal of the ICD will only happen if medical authorities are certain that such an incident will not reoccur.

With that in mind, reports that Eriksen is now negotiating a move to Ajax. This desire to return isn’t entirely surprising, because Italian laws make it impossible for him to resume play with Inter.

A transfer to Ajax could simply be a loan, a transfer, or he could mutually terminate his contract with Inter.

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