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Clegg Says Ronaldo Used Manchester United as an Apprenticeship

Clegg Says Ronaldo Used Manchester United as an Apprenticeship

Christiano Ronaldo Jr seemingly out his experience at Old Trafford into becoming an “absolute genius”, later on in his career. Forming the backroom staff at Old Trafford at the time, Mick Clegg says Ronaldo used Manchester United as an apprenticeship.

Clegg was part of United’s backroom staff when Portuguese prodigy Cristiano Ronaldo started out on a path to superstardom.

Himself also a former Red Devils coach, Mick Clegg claims that Cristiano Ronaldo used Manchester United “as an apprenticeship”.

Legendary United manager Sir Alex Ferguson lured away Ronaldo from Sporting by in 2003.

The five-time Ballon d’Or Portuguese winner was a skinny winger with more tricks in his bag than goals back, then.

And apparently, it did not take him long to realise what needed to be done to reach top-level football.

Clegg Says Ronaldo Used Manchester United as an Apprenticeship

This skill set that was honed in England, Ronaldo used, after leaving United, to Real Madrid and Juventus’s benefit considerably.

Clegg was the power development coach at United when future superstar CR7 arrived.

He has now talked to the BBC documentary ‘Cristiano Ronaldo: Impossible to Ignore’ of moulding an all-time great.

“My office was in the gym so I was always available for anyone whenever they wanted to talk,” he said. “It’s listening to the player and finding out what they need in their minds that is key.”

“I’d seen him play over in Portugal,” he added.

“I’m back in Carrington in my chair in the gym and this young lad turns up early in the morning. He comes in and says ‘I’ve heard about you and I know you do a lot of work individually with the players.’

“Then he said ‘I’m going to be the best player in the world.'”

Clegg then said: “The thing about Cristiano at United is that I know he came to use United as an apprenticeship.

“I remember watching him in matches and he would make a mistake, or get caught, he’d fall down and then you’d have the crowd shouting at him, players shouting at him. But it didn’t bother him,” he concluded his Ronaldo story.

“Then he would know, ‘This is the bit I need to work on’, and he would go and work on it.”

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