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Arsenal Defender Gabriel Fought Off Robbers Who Had a Baseball Bat

Arsenal Defender Gabriel Fought Off Robbers Who Had a Baseball Bat

Arsenal defender Gabriel fought off robbers with a baseball bat, as footage from the Metropolitan Police shows (football today).

Thus, the Arsenal defender became the latest Premier League footballer that armed attackers have targeted for their expensive assets. Watches, jewellery, and now cars are the objects that these unscrupulous thieves who attack rich football players are after.

The attempted robbery on Gabriel took place in August.

Two men attempted to steal Gabriel’s car from his garage, but the Gunners defender bravely withstood them.

Gabriel thus stood his ground and fought off two men attempting to steal his car from his north London home.

The Metropolitan Police have released footage of the incident. In it, you can see, Gabriel, who was with a friend, fought off a man armed with a baseball bat.

The attacker with the baseball bat is Abderaham Muse. Last month, Muse was jailed for five years over one count of robbery and one of possession of an offensive weapon.

Arsenal Defender Gabriel Fought Off Robbers Who Had a Baseball Bat

The footage showed Muse – and an accomplice – confronting Gabriel in the garage of his home. This confrontation, right after he parked the car, led to the Arsenal centre-back handing over his watch and car keys.

The footage then showed Muse lunging, swinging his baseball bat wildly, at Gabriel, who defended himself and grabbed the attacker.

There was also a second accomplice who wasn’t visible on camera and it’s unlikely that the police have identified him.

Finally, after Gabriel fought back, Muse fled the scene with his accomplice, leaving the car untouched.

Muse’s hat came off during the confrontation. And this is what police collected some DNA samples from, which then enabled them to link Muse to the robbery.

As we already mentioned, neither of Muse’s accomplices have been caught.

As for Gabriel, the footballer was ‘shocked’ by the attempted robbery at his house.

However, his Arsenal head coach Mikel Arteta said that Gabriel showed ‘a lot of character’ to deal with the issue.

Asked about the incident at his press conference on Wednesday, Arsenal head coach Mikel Arteta praised Gabriel’s bravery.

“It’s not a nice thing to go through when you’ve got family involved and they’re trying to access your own house,” Arteta said.

“Gabi showed a lot of character shown by the reaction that he had straight away, credit to the boy. After that, he was fine. Obviously, he was shocked and there were a few things in his life that he needed to change to try and prevent those things happening again.

“The club gave him all the support that was needed to forget about the situation, learn from it and move on.”

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